Guitar2EigenTab BETA v1.7
Guitar Tab Input:

Guitar2EigenTab is an application for converting ASCII Guitar Tab into an ASCII Tab form for the Eigenharp - one of the most awesome and expressive electronic instruments you're ever likely to play.

This is a BETA which has some restrictions on ASCII Tab input and only has full Tau and Alpha keyboards (no keygroups). It is intended to be for feedback about the algorithm/EigenTab format.

This UI is a 'quick' implementation for testing and verification. Please forgive it. If the feedback is positive on the content, I will clean up the UI

Feedback to John S. Nolan Twitter:@johnsnolan . Feel free to send me examples of Guitar tab that fail

One-minute tutorial (you can do the following actions with this Help Box open):

The EigenTab output format is based on the conventions of ASCII guitar tab :

Restictions On GuitarTab Input:

The parsing of Guitar Tab is relatively simplisitic in this version. If the following rules are not complied with you may not get output.

Here is an example of compliant input (the opening bar of Stairway To Heaven (has to be done ;-) )
Known Bugs Notes On The Conversion Algorithm

Converting Guitar tab to EigenTab is an interesting algorithmic challenge. I'm sure some of you have questions about how its done, so here's a basic description of the approach

This empirically gives a good result, which is essentailly a very 'low change' way of playing. It does mean that you may well play the same note in several different positions on the EigenHarp - but this is no different to the Guitar and is taking maximum advantage of the instrument

If you wonder why I don't just do a brute force 'best-playing' algorithm? Consider that any note may have 4 possible keys on the Eigenharp and lets say we have a song with 3 notes per time slot and 30 slots. Not big, but this results in over 1.5x10^54 combinations. That's more than the number of atoms in the Earth. It would take some time to calculate.

Things I'm thinking about:

Please give me feedback on what else might be useful or any bugs/irritations you find. Thanks - John S. Nolan Twitter:@johnsnolan

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Release notes: